About Us

Our head grower, James, has a deep love for chemistry and alchemy, especially when it comes to growing cannabis plants. Ancient Alchemy took root when James committed to expanding his level of growing beyond just himself to others as well. Combining his love for the ancient arts and his drive to help people manage their pain and disease, James' dreams took hold as the heart, soul and life behind Ancient Alchemy.

James's journey toward cannabis started 20+ years ago when he was working as a fabricator in North Carolina. He was rolling carts around and all of a sudden he collapsed on the floor; the muscles in the whole left side of his body were in a spasm so deep that his left shoulder muscles separated and tore. This started a long road of doctors and searching for answers. Eventually it would all lead to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. With a multiple sclerosis diagnosis the doctor started prescribing the normal mix of medications used to treat m.s., If you know anything about m.s. you know that for some people it can be very painful; the mix of medications used oftentimes will numb the pain to help people cope with the disease. For James it did help numb the pain from the m.s. but it also made him feel numb or as he would describe it, in a bubble all the time. For reasons unrelated to m.s. James ended up moving to Montana in 2008. When James went to his initial appointment with his new primary care physician, they had a conversation about what medications he would need if the current ones stopped managing his pain. The doctor informed him that the next step would be morphine and he would most likely not make it past 18 months and a good portion of that 18 months would be spent in a wheelchair. The doctor then suggested an alternative to James, apply for a medical card with the state. After getting a medical card James started to grow for himself with the help of a blessed network of people that were helping patients at that time to get started growing to keep their medicine costs down and be medicinally self sufficient. Since then James has been able to eliminate almost all of the prescription medications and has been happy to have a more effective way to relive pain that also allows presence versus numbing. They gave him 18 months on prescription medication, he's going strong with plant medicine for over 14 years now.