What We Do

We are blessed to live in a state where plant medicine is legal! We have embraced this opportunity to bring quality medicine to the patients of Montana. Each plant receives only the purest organics and natural microbials during the growth process. Final products are cured and processed simply and effectively to ensure the integrity of the medicine is seen through.


James Lockard - Dreamer

James grew up in North Carolina. At the young age of 14 he felt compelled to follow his Cherokee lineage and committed to a tribe there and set out on a life path of learning the Native American cultures and rituals.

Not long after joining the tribe he was sent on a spiritual vision quest that has since led him to becoming a Mystic Shaman. In early 2000s things took a turn and James was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

This changed a lot of things for him and he had to relearn how to approach most of life. In 2008 he moved to Montana, deep into years of M.S. he was prepared to leave this Earth plane but life had different plans for James. Going back to his roots and Native American teachings he was given the opportunity to better his health with plant medicine. Instead of being on his death bed he has revitalized and continues to fight for health with plants on his side.

Shaylene Lockard - Owner

Shaylene found herself in the same place as many other people, in chronic pain and no answers from the main stream medical system. It led to many unanswered questions and with no outlet for pain she started self medicating with ibuprofen and alcohol. Feeling that she wasn’t heard and that her pain was all in her head was the push she needed to change. She believed there had to be a better way!

Things started to change when Shaylene’s husband, James, introduced her to plant medicine. It started as a way to relieve her chronic pain and has evolved into a calling to help others release their pain. With ancient plant medicine, sacred teachings and alchemy forging the way, we can accomplish anything.

Gale Patrick - Head Grower

Gale has a passion for the sacred plants and is always eager to learn new things about their growth and development. The success of each of the plants holds deep reward for Gale. He understands that nature, if nurtured, will flourish.

Gale believes we are the bridge between modern and ancient medicine, all holds a place in balance. Gale loves meeting new patients and teaching them how plant medicine can better their life.